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231425 essay

Most European intellectuals, while keen on situating recent developments in the European Union in various historical contexts, show little interest in the early history of the only superpower in the world today, the United States.

Jefferson was not only the central figure in the American Enlightenment, or only the third president of the United States, or only the first leader of the present American Democratic Party—but also one of the largest slaveholders in the country. Regardless of the fact that Jefferson never freed his slaves he always maintained that the institution of slavery should be abolished.

As it comes to the relation between politics and morality, one may well ask could there possibly be anything wrong in a human effort to unite Italy, if not Europe?

Pocock, in The Machiavellian Moment a quarter of a century ago. The purpose of this article is to outline how civic humanism can be seen as related to modern individualism by studying Jefferson's understanding of the slavery question.

Then will follow an examination of what can be understood as the fundamental paradigm of all republican thinking in relation to a whole series of paradigms in the field of political science throughout Western history, ranging from Aristotle up to the most recent visions of a new republicanism.

He also advocated the abolition of primogeniture and, though in vain, the extension of universal male suffrage. To a large extent the first American party 231425 essay, the Hamilton-minded Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans, resulted from the fundamental differences of opinion between these two visionaries.

In the Federalists lost the battle. Jefferson was elected to be the third president of the United States and the period known as the Jeffersonian era began.


Whether this so-called Revolution of should be counted historically as a triumph of modern, democratic society is quite another matter. The constituents of the ideal mixed regime the republic were handled in terms of the Aristotelian-inspired, sociopolitical grouping of the people—living in any human association describable as the state—into the one, the few, and the many.

Each of these constituents of the classical ideal of the republic was supposed to embody an aspect of civic virtue so that the polity as a whole would be held stable against the ever-present threat of corruption.

In this sense early modern political science was a science of civic virtue aimed at defining the best theoretical way to secure the state against the corruption of 231425 essay civic virtue of either prince, his court, or the citizenry.

The early modern characteristics of American political thinking, in turn, can be seen as originating in the teachings of Machiavelli and other Renaissance political writers, while its neoclassical elements are often associated with such English republicans as James Harrington and Algernon Sidney.

Finally, the immediate ideological context of the thinking of the revolutionary generation is definable not so much in terms of Lockean social contract theory as in terms of post-Lockean political thought, represented by such pivotal, eighteenth-century British intellectuals as Blackstone, Bolingbroke, and the pseudonymous Cato Trenchard and Gordona group of thinkers more or less explicitly 4 identifiable as the Country ideologists.

No individual has epistemologically valid way to define the function, or the essence of man as homo politicus, homo credens, or homo economicus. What, in Jefferson's eyes, was truly novel and even perhaps epoch-making in the American founding was that it drew heavily on the superiority of the modern, historically self-conscious understanding of political freedom in the sense that the natural rights of man were a matter of morality only there where people themselves manifested such rights in reality.

This entailed simply preserving, not creating, such rights. From a sociopolitical perspective this view stood in sharp contrast to the early modern, totally extra-historical notion of the naturalness of social hierarchies.

He, in sum, spoke of the notion of the polity; i.

231425 essay

It was the early modern, partly secularized notion of the individual that gradually brought about 5 the conception of personality as something that might be in need of political freedom. A Christian soul was not in need of political freedom but of salvation.

Even so, the individuals primarily concerned in questions about the Hereafter never were independent of secular power: Most importantly, such power claims were hardly ever based on any notion of their being political in character, not to say that they would have been based on any genuinely modern notion of personal freedom.

Considering the complicated historical relationship between the notions of personal freedom and of civic humanism, it still seems useful to peruse John Pocock's fundamental thesis in The Machiavellian Moment according to which Renaissance republican thought marks the emergence of the first mode of historicist thought in Western intellectual history.

Being only an early modern view, it was still fully circumscribed by the notion of a closed future in two ways. Firstly, it was linked to the Polybian view of the inescapable, cyclical recurrence of different forms of government, secondly it was linked to the central Christian notion of truly meaningful time, namely the non- recurrent cycle of time linking the Fall and the Redemption.

In distinction from mere narrative, whether historical or fictional, which is based on a linear view of time and explains things as a sequence of occurrences, process is something that includes a conception of time as only one of its dimensions. It could amount to an act of replacement, but not to any truly meaningful change in terms of the only significant process, namely that of the Fall and the Redemption.

231425 essay

All human attempts to build up a system of justice were doomed to repeat the story of the Fall. In this sense the Machiavellian notion of politics as a specific sphere of human action contributed to the gradual emergence of the secular Western world view that made particular events and individuals significant, in striking contrast to the medieval philosophy that found significance only in universals and in certain extra-temporal truths of theology.

The Aristotelian and Machiavellian elements of civic humanism should not be confused with each other, for they serve quite different functions in relation to the fundamental question of the significance of human agency in history.

He acts in a distinct sphere of human action defined as political.

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Therefore the ancient figures of Lycurgus and Solon could be excluded from this scheme as mere reformers. Anyone who subscribes to human historicity simultaneously submits himself to the notion of mere replacement of a thing with another thing and so on, potentially ad infinitum, meaning that the process he intends to contribute to is recognized as open-ended.

As a political being one may become aware of both the conception of secular history as an entity in itself and of oneself as an agent within that history.

Yet, within the early modern view, no statesman questions the only non-recurrent cycle of time between the Fall and Redemption as the ultimate image of all history. It consists of finding the individual in a constant process of becoming alienated from the Rousseauean natural sociability of man, the latter notion being fully distinguishable from the contemporary, merely historical and by definition partly twisted, social order of modern, eighteenth-century society.

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