A long way gone theme

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A long way gone theme

The experiences that Ismael Beah faced is unthinkable to those live a "war free" and lax life. Examples of some themes that can be found in the book would be lost of innocence, hope and fear.

The first theme is lost of innocence. In the book it is stated that he joined the Sierra Leone military at the age of 13, which he proclaimed was the end of his childhood.

Not only had he become a killer he had also become addicted to drugs like marijuana. Ismael also claimed that he can not remember anything good about his child hood afterwards.

Other than not remembering his good childhood, he also has flash backs of violent memories. A theme that isn't very big, but significant to the story.

He was told by his father that when he was little that if he stayed alive there is hope for a better day and something good will happen. He was able to hold onto his fathers words, and pull through with all the horrible things put upon him.

He know that life will end when he runs out of good luck, so he is not afraid to move on. The last theme is fear. Which is one of the big themes in the book.

Any child that had grown up in Ismael conditions should be afraid. Whenever Ismael went to a new village with his group, residents would accuse them of being rebels. Which may have caused harm to the boys.

Where Ismael is there is no place to call home, no one to go back to if he is afraid. He is also afraid that there will be no place called home that he can go to in his future. Like every other rebel refugee there is no escape from the past.

These themes are not the only themes that can be found in the book, there are many more as well. Ismael's lost of innocence, hope, and fear, were what made this book.

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Is there any particular reason why you think so? Can you make any connections with A long way gone to other books that have similar themes? If you can't think of any think of books we read in class and relate to those! What would you be afraid of the most if you were in Ismael's situation?A Long Way Gone Themes and Symbols When we first started reading this book and talking about it in class the fact that it was a memoir made me question if there really would be themes and symbols in it.

A Long Way Gone Questions and Answers.

A long way gone theme

The Question and Answer section for A Long Way Gone is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. "A long way gone" is a book that truly hits the heart. The experiences that Ismael Beah faced is unthinkable to those live a "war free" and lax life. The book goes through a series of events where many themes can be found.

Examples of some themes that can be found in the book would be lost of innocence, hope and fear.

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LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in A Long Way Gone, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

A Long Way Gone is the autobiography of a boy soldier, Ishmael Beah, who as a boy was afflicted by and then coerced to participate in the Sierra Leone Civil War as a boy soldier.

A long way gone theme

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A Long Way Gone: Theme