Biodata in tagalog

His real birthday, as revealed by his biological mother, was on 4 February, instead of 26 January. At a young age, he was given up for adoption by his biological mother to the Kim family, and his name was changed to Kim Jae-joong. Life in Seoul was financially difficult and he took various odd jobs to pay for rent, food, and training fees; and even appeared as an extra in movies.

Biodata in tagalog

Publication history[ edit ] Writer David Michelinie created Carnage because he wanted to make a darker version of Venom[4] intending to have Venom's human alter ego, Eddie Brockbe killed off in The Amazing Spider-Man and have the symbiote continue to bond with a series of hosts.

However, as Brock and Venom's popularity increased, Marvel would not allow him to be killed. Michelinie decided to create a new character: The character was originally meant to be named "Chaos" [5] and then "Ravage" before being settled on "Carnage". Intwo one-shot comics entirely about Carnage were released, entitled Carnage: Mind Bomb and Carnage: It's A Wonderful Life, both of which expand on his character.

After a appearance in New Avengers the character was presumed dead and was absent from comics for nearly six years. A — limited series titled Carnage featured the return of the symbiote, where it temporarily found a new female host before reuniting with Kasady.

Carnage was next seen in the "Minimum Carnage" crossover storyline between Scarlet Spider vol. The character crosses over with the Superior Spider-Man in the five-issue limited series called Superior Carnage written by Kevin Shinick. The new symbiote then bonded with Brock's cellmate Cletus Kasadytransforming him into Carnage.

As a result, Carnage is far more violent, powerful, and deadly than Venom. He was found by Spider-Man in Kasady's old orphanage, but Spider-Man proved to be no match for Carnage's powers and uncontrollable rage. In desperation, Spider-Man made a truce with Venom to fight Carnage. After entering Kasady's body through a small cut, it bonded to his blood which caused its red coloration.

Maximum Carnage Kasady is taken to The Vaulta prison for super-villains—then Ravencroft Institute, a facility for the super-human criminally insane. A doctor at the facility, hoping to find a "cure" for his madness, draws blood from him—unwittingly enabling Kasady to transform into Carnage—who goes on to recruit an army of psychopathic supervillains including ShriekDemogoblinCarrionand Doppelganger to take over New York City.

Using Shriek's "psychic channel" powers, he also drives ordinary New Yorkers to attack one another. Carnage and his "family" are ultimately driven back by Spider-Man, Venom and a number of other superheroes and super- antiheroeswith Carnage and Shriek being remanded to Ravencroft.

Carnage[ edit ] When a videogame is created starring Carnage, the black symbiote breaks out of confinement by somehow going through the computer monitor. After causing havok at Ravencroft he attacks Venom, who manages to defeat him and return him to Ravencroft Institute.

John Jameson comics Though bonded to Kasady's bloodstream the symbiote found a way to ditch its host by travelling through the Ravencroft Institute's water pipes overwhelming Ravencroft's chief, John Jameson.

Carnage used him to commit further murders before eventually bonding with Spider-man, who was Ben Reilly at the time. Ben Reilly It eventually transferred itself to Spider-Man— Ben Reilly at the time—when Ben bonded with it in order to prevent it from hurting any innocent people, creating Spider-Carnage.

Ben's willpower held out against the symbiote's murderous desires long enough for him to return it to Ravencroft. Reilly subsequently attempted to destroy the symbiote by subjecting himself to a potentially lethal blast of microwaves, but it escaped back to Kasady after the microwaves forced it to separate from him.

Silver Surfer During a subsequent rampage, the Carnage symbiote briefly attempted to take control of the Silver Surferwho was visiting Earth at the time to welcome the Fantastic Four after their return to life following the battle with Onslaught. As it turned out, Galactus had consumed a planet that many Symbiotes lived on, and the species had made it a race memory so that each future Symbiote could remember it, as well as the Surfer who had been Galactus's herald at the time.

Spider-Man and the Surfer managed to return the Symbiote to Kasady, who was dying from stomach cancer, and then the Silver Surfer proceeded to seal both host and Symbiote in an unbreakable prison in an attempt to force him to reflect on his sins for eternity.

Symbiotic Resurrection[ edit ] Kasady escaped from prison and was chased by Spider-Man before the two were sucked into the Negative Zone. Spider-Man teams up with a Negative Zone hero named Dusk while Kasady teamed up with a villain named Blaastar who was bent on destroying the world.

While in the Negative Zone, Kasady found another Symbiote who he bonded with, which allowed the few remains of the Carnage symbiote inside of Cletus to absorb it and resurrect itself in the process to once again become Carnage.

Toxin comics Eventually, the Carnage symbiote reproduces, with Kasady implanting a spawn of it into Patrick "Paddy" Mulligan, an Irish-American police officer who was recently married and expecting a child.

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Mulligan became Toxin —who single-handedly overpowered both Venom and Carnage. Nevertheless, Mulligan remained determined to use his new-found powers for good—learning as much as he can from Spider-Man—while leaving behind his wife and newborn son in order to protect them from danger.

Family Feud[ edit ] It is later discovered that, although the host was presumably killed, the symbiote survived by becoming dormant and returned to Earth. The Doppelganger and Shriek return, hoping to repair the symbiote. One such person, Dr.Aug 02,  · Tagalog na Biodata. "Sari-sari" means random/variety A girl who likes Mabel Pines, anime, tokusatsu, tintin, movies, bob ong,90s to older pinoy movies/tv shows, meiko kaji, hako yamasaki, k'naan,nana mizuki etc.

Early life. Kim was born Han Jae-joon (한재준; 韩在俊) in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, South real birthday, as revealed by his biological mother, was on 4 February, instead of 26 January.

At a young age, he was given up for adoption by his biological mother to the Kim family, and his name was changed to Kim Jae-joong. Noel R. Gatbunton E-mail: nrg_noel20 AT PERSONAL INFORMATION: Noel R.

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Biodata in tagalog

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Biodata Format. Cargado por. Jhun Die. Liham Aplikasyon- FILIPINO IV.4/4(4). Barong Tagalog. Barong Tagalog From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [pic] [pic] A barong Tagalog held against the light, showing the translucency of the fabric.

[pic] [pic] The barong Tagalog (with Mandarin collar) The barong Tagalog (or simply barong) is an embroidered formal garment of is very lightweight and worn untucked (similar to a coat/dress shirt), over an undershirt.

Most of the language used on this site was in tagalog and some are bisaya that are both filipino language which originated from Philippines, if you wish to translate the joke to english you can used an online translator to interpret it from tagalog to english.

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