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Bon a matic

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Surfaces[ edit ] The malar surface is convex and perforated near its center by a small aperture, the zygomaticofacial foramenfor the passage of the zygomaticofacial nerve and vessels; below this foramen is a slight elevation, which gives origin to the zygomaticus muscle.

The temporal surface, directed posteriorly and medially, is concave, presenting medially a rough, triangular area, for articulation with the maxilla articular surfaceand laterally a smooth, concave surface, the upper part of which forms the anterior boundary of the temporal fossathe lower a part of the infratemporal fossa.

Near the center of this surface is the zygomaticotemporal foramen for the transmission of the zygomaticotemporal nerve.

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The orbital surface forms the lateral part and some of the inferior part of the bony orbit. The zygomatic nerve passes through the zygomatic-orbital foramen on this surface.

Bon a matic lateral palpebral ligament attaches to a small protuberance called the orbital tubercle. Processes[ edit ] Each zygomatic bone is diamond-shaped and composed of three processes with similarly named associated bony articulations: Each process of the zygomatic bone forms important structures of the skull.

The orbital surface of the frontal process of the zygomatic bone forms the anterior lateral orbital wall, with usually a small paired foramen, the zygomaticofacial foramen opening on its lateral surface. The temporal process of the zygomatic bone forms the zygomatic arch along with the zygomatic process of the temporal bone, with a paired zygomaticotemporal foramen present on the medial deep surface of the bone.

The orbital surface of the maxillary process of the zygomatic bone forms a part of the infraorbital rim and a small part of the anterior part of the lateral orbital wall. Its antero-medial surface forms, by its junction with the orbital surface of the maxilla and with the great wing of the sphenoidpart of the floor and lateral wall of the orbit.

On it are seen the orifices of two canals, the zygomatico-orbital foramina ; one of these canals opens into the temporal fossathe other on the malar surface of the bone; the former transmits the zygomaticotemporalthe latter the zygomaticofacial nerve. Its postero-lateral surface, smooth and convex, forms parts of the temporal and infratemporal fossae.

Its anterior margin, smooth and rounded, is part of the circumference of the orbit.


Its superior margin, rough, and directed horizontally, articulates with the frontal bone behind the zygomatic process. Its posterior margin is serrated for articulation, with the great wing of the sphenoid and the orbital surface of the maxilla.

At the angle of junction of the sphenoidal and maxillary portions, a short, concave, non-articular part is generally seen; this forms the anterior boundary of the inferior orbital fissure: Borders[ edit ] The antero-superior or orbital border is smooth, concave, and forms a considerable part of the circumference of the orbit.

Bon a matic

The antero-inferior or maxillary border is rough, and bevelled at the expense of its inner table, to articulate with the maxilla; near the orbital margin it gives origin to the quadratus labii superioris.

The postero-superior or temporal border, curved like an italic letter f, is continuous above with the commencement of the temporal line, and below with the upper border of the zygomatic arch ; the temporal fascia is attached to it. The postero-inferior or zygomatic border affords attachment by its rough edge to the masseter.Nicomatic is manufacturer of standard and special electrical connectors for harsh environment, FFC cables, snap domes and components for man-machine interface.

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Bon a matic
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