Core competency air france and klm

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Core competency air france and klm

Published online May This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Recent developments in medical education have created increasing challenges for medical teachers which is why the majority of German medical schools already offer educational and instructional skills trainings for their teaching staff.

However, to date no framework for educational core competencies for medical teachers exists that might serve as guidance for the qualification of the teaching faculty. Against the background of the discussion about competency based medical education and based upon the international literature, the GMA Committee for Faculty and Organizational Development in Teaching developed a model of core teaching competencies for medical teachers.

This framework is designed not only to provide guidance with regard to individual qualification profiles but also to support further advancement of the content, training formats and evaluation of faculty development initiatives and thus, to establish uniform quality criteria for such initiatives in German-speaking medical schools.

The model comprises a framework of six competency fields, subdivided into competency components and learning objectives. Additional examples of their use in medical teaching scenarios illustrate and clarify each specific teaching competency.

The model has been designed for routine application in medical schools and is thought to be complemented consecutively by additional competencies for teachers with special duties and responsibilities in a future step.

Anwendungsbeispiele sollen die jeweiligen Kompetenzen verdeutlichen. Background This article introduces a model for core teaching competencies for medical teachers, which draws upon many sources: An increasing number of research studies in medical education have elaborated well-grounded evidence about how to master the specific educational challenges in medical curricula.

Thus, medical schools show an increasing awareness that medical teachers do not only have to deliver knowledge, but are at the same time confronted with new challenges: The teachers do not only have to master a broad spectrum of different teaching and assessment formats, but are also expected to contribute significantly to the improvement of their local curricula, provide teaching and learning materials and to reconcile teaching strategies and course content with colleagues from other disciplines.

In addition, they have to secure an adequate level of evaluation and quality assurance. These multifaceted activities require a variety of specific competencies, which cannot be taken for granted.

In this context, most German-speaking medical schools have established opportunities for their teaching personnel to gain at least basic or core educational skills [ 5 ]. However, a comprehensive framework of educational competencies outlining the qualification profile for medical educators was missing in German-speaking countries so far.

Education in general is changing towards a competency based approach: The international debate on the quality of medical education is witnessing a growing awareness that the successful acquisition of competencies which enable interns and residents to solve typical problems in patient care should be a major goal of UGME curricula.

Therefore, in Anglo-Amercian countries several competency frameworks have been developed, of which the model proposed by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada CanMEDS [ 6 ] attracted the most attention internationally.

Although this model has initially been developed for PGME, it is also increasingly applied to UGME-issues and has had a significant impact on discussion about the reform of medical education in German-speaking countries.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Thus, there will be a framework available in the near future, which will define the objectives of UGME in Germany consistently as competencies. The resulting challenges to future medical curricula will be complex and far-reaching, because the NKLM will not be a simple laundry list of objectives, but will also require different educational and methodological approaches that will live up to the competency orientation.

This in turn will change the requirements for medical teachers. Most definitions of competence share the following four characteristics [ 8 ]:On 5 May , despite great opposition of industry experts the French airline Société Air France (Air France) and the Dutch Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.

(KLM) created the world’s largest airline group by turnover named Air France-KLM. A Core Competency is a deep proficiency that enables a company to deliver unique value to customers. It embodies an organization’s collective learning, particularly of how to coordinate diverse production skills and integrate multiple technologies.

The ancillary route is an important revenue generator. Popular ancillaries include paying for checked baggage, booking a preferred seat and in-flight WiFi. Jean-Louis Salfati, Air France / KLM Dr. Philipp Billion, Lufthansa Cargo.

Core competency air france and klm

e-DGD is a New Digital Approach 5 Driven by the air cargo community Using data platform sharing principle Core Competencies ICAO Competency Framework Previous Competency Based Framework Task List. During 25 years in the Air France group and now Air France KLM group, I built a transversal experience from engineering to project management, with nearly 10 years of team management and 6 year in the controlling department.

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