Michael porters generic strategies of singapore airlines

Amazon says that the book is now in its 60th edition and has been translated into 19 languages. The basic idea of the book is that a company can have one of three generic strategies. It may try to compete through cost leadership by having the lowest cost structure modern examples include: Alternatively, it may try to show its customers that its products are services are somehow different better quality, quicker service etc.

Michael porters generic strategies of singapore airlines

Virgin Atlantic Airlines always tries to understand the needs of its customers. Virgin Atlantic Airlines has been rendered to as niche airlines who are seeking value for money The airlines has managed to serve both local as well as international locations.

In order to have an edge over its competitors, Virgin Atlantic Airlines has adopted various generic strategies. Virgin Australia, Cost Leadership: Virgin Atlantic Airlines cannot be covered under the low cost fare airlines but it has certain pioneered features which helps them to differentiate their goods and services from other airlines.

It has been seen that, the recent change in the aviation market has changed the needs of the customers. Virgin Atlantic Airlines offers its customers with flexible and customized services to its passengers. Passengers feel delighted when they are offered services of their choices which help in increasing the customer satisfaction levels.

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At Virgin Atlantic Airlines, differentiation is everything. The passengers even have an option to book a limousine or motorcycles for airport transfer Virgin Australia, The focus of Virgin Atlantic Airlines is to enter the niche markets flight destinations as well as understand the dynamics of the market.

As mentioned in the case study, the key trends of Virgin Atlantic Airlines shows that the turnover for Virgin Atlantic has risen from 1, — 2, It can be argued that, the eight different strategies together might hamper the profit levels.

One of the strategies adopted by Virgin Atlantic Airlines is to promote its brand all over the market place with the help of differentiation. The differentiation strategy has helped Virgin Atlantic to be known as a convenient and well equipped airline locally or internationally.

With the help of differentiation, Virgin Atlantic Airlines had over powered other airlines by a deep cut in their service cost and providing outstanding services to their target audience. One of the biggest strengths of Virgin Atlantic Airlines is to use highly modern technology so as to act smart as compared to the other similar airlines Shaw, Differentiation in case of Virgin Atlantic Airlines can be seen as mention in the case study, that they were the first airlines to provide personal entertainment to its passengers.

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Virgin Atlantic Airlines is the first airlines to operate Airbus A They were the first European airlines to operate Boeing in October It is seen that Virgin Atlantic Airlines is hybrid in nature i. They follow the simultaneous strategy i.

Hybrid strategy has helped Virgin Atlantic Airlines to achieve high levels of differentiation with low prices as compared to its competitors. This hybrid strategy will help the airlines to provide benefits to the customers Shaw, Based upon the case study, it can be judges that Virgin Atlantic Airlines is hybrid in nature as it uses a different marketing strategy to market the airlines i.

Competitive Advantage refers to strategies which are looked upon by the businesses in order to have a competitive edge over its competitors. There are various business strategies which helps any given organization to practice competitive advantage. Some of the ways in which Virgin Atlantic Airlines has attained competitive advantage as compared to its competitors are providing quality services to the customers.

The main focus of Virgin Atlantic is to focus upon quality services as compared to prices for the same. The main aim of Virgin Atlantic Airlines is to provide value for money. As mentioned in the case study, Virgin Atlantic Airlinesoffers its passengers with three types of cabin configuration i.

Michael porters generic strategies of singapore airlines

As per the facts mentioned in the case study, Virgin Atlantic Airlines was the first airline to provide its passengers with personal entertainment for all the three cabin configurations.

The key stakeholders at Virgin Atlantic Airlines are those who are closely linked or might get affected or the airlines operation might be affected by the same.

The summary of the key shareholders at Virgin Atlantic Airlines have been done as follows: Key resources and competencies: Resources what we have Competencies what we do well 1. Human capital in terms of knowledge and skills in case of Virgin Atlantic airlines are goodwill attached along with the airlines and reputation in the airlines industry.Competitive Advantage Of Airline Industry In Singapore Tourism Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, The diamond model is an economical model developed by Michael Porter in his book The Competitive Advantage of Nations (Porter, ), where he published his theory of why particular industries become competitive in particular.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin The Globe: Singapore Airlines’ Balancing Act. Loizos Heracleous; such as Michael Porter, argue that it’s impossible to do so for a sustained period since dual strategies entail. Generic Strategies - Airline Industry.

Michael Porters Generic Strategies The Big Picture: Airline Industry Overview Factors affecting the airline industry Fuel Prices Fuel Prices Impact on Operating Costs Industry Players: Legacy Airlines Vs Low Cost Airlines Operating Expenses €M Operating Profit €M Thank You!

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Michael porters generic strategies of singapore airlines

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