Night flying woman

Karen Dec 6, 3: I recently went on a trip to Denver to consider moving there.

Night flying woman

Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: In each generation of Ojibway there will be a person who will hear the si-si-gwa-d, who will listen and remember and pass it on to the children. Because this evening was warm, Night flying woman walked slower than usual, enjoying the look and feel of the early spring.

The earth that had been white was now brown, left uncovered by the melting snow. This brown was turning to green and the air was fragrant with the opening of spring. Daylight still lingered and as I walked I looked at my neighborhood and thought about it. When I first moved here in the mids this was a mixed neighborhood of Spanish-speaking people and Catholic 1 2 Night Flying Woman whites, and there were many children.

Now the Spanish-speaking people are all gone. They left when the parochial school closed its doors, although the church is still here. Now the neighborhood is only four blocks long and two blocks wide, whittled down by urban renewal and the freeways which reach their tentacles all around us.

I reached my doorstep and sat enjoying the good day and remembering the past. It was funny, really, when I think about it.

Night flying woman

Their fathers were the aliens then, and now they, the childrenare in possession of this land. For a long time I was that Indian person with the two children.

But it is good that children have a natural gift of accepting people, and so my children became a part of the neighborhood. Thirty years in this neighborhood.

Night Flying Woman: An Ojibway Narrative by Ignatia Broker

My children went to school from here, they went to church from here, they were married from here and even though they are in faraway places they seem to have their roots here, for they had lived no other place while growing up. I talked to my children, even when they were very small, about the ways of the Ojibway people.

They were good children and they listened, but I had a feeling that they listened the same as when I read a story about the Bobbsey twins or Marco Polo.

My two, borll and raised in Minneapolis, are of that generation of Ojibway who do not know what the reservation means, or the Bureau of Indian Affairsor the tangled treaties and federal- so calledIndian laws which have spun their webs for a full century around the Native People, the First People of this land.

Now my children are urging me to recall all the stories and bits of information that I ever heard my grandparents or any of the older Ojibway tell. It is important, they say, because now their children are asking them.

Night flying woman

Others are saying the same thing. It is well that they are asking, for the Ojibway young must learn their cycle. I have been abroad in this society, the dominating society, for two-thirds of my life, and yet I am a link in a chain to the past. Because of this, I shall do as they ask.

I can close my eyes and I am back in the past. I came to the Twin Cities from the reservation inthe year Pearl Harbor was attacked.The internationally renowned Seattle Men’s Chorus and Seattle Women’s Chorus comprise the largest community chorus organization in North America.

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