The importance of moral philosophy in society

It tries to discover the nature of truth and knowledge and to find what is of basic value and importance in life. It also examines the relationships between humanity and nature and between the individual and society.

The importance of moral philosophy in society

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This links to the Philosophy Campaign — an attempt to make philosophy more relevant to modern society. So I got to thinking… what is the relevance of philosophy today?

Philosophy programs are being downgraded or even closed around the world. In Queensland, where I taught, only one major philosophy department was left after the entirety of Humanities was closed at other universities.

Proper philosophy programs are becoming much rarer. Even moreso if you happen to threaten an authoritarian government or lobby the latter case a pro-Israeli lobbyist politician. Philosophy is generally, whether it will or no, true to its main mission statement: He would have said it was to make young minds think critically, and for most authoritarian governments, that amounts to the same thing.


Critical reasoning skills are dangerous! Students might doubt God, or the status quo or worse, the prevailing political platform.

The Importance of Philosophy in Human Life

I think one of my major mistakes was to use advertising and media as examples of bad reasoning, because that is an economic challenge to the status quo, and nobody survives that. Philosophy is relevant in ways that do not serve the interests of those in power, on either side of politics as if there were only two sides, another comfortable truism that serves those in power.

Mostly it is a threat for the third of the three questions of philosophy. Me, being a moral vacuum and an aesthetic sink, I tend to focus on the first two. And even this can threaten elites. Suppose we took philosophy into schools, and allowed kids to ask a metaphysical question: Fortunately for the elites this will never happen, of course.

Or suppose they adopted a corporatist view of nations and held that the only true reality was the entire population. They might begin to challenge the view that oligarchies can do with state instruments whatever they wish. The thing about philosophy is that it does not block ahead of time any view so long as it is coherent.

And coherent views can lead to results that people who have vested interests may not want a populace to find. So, on with corrupting the youth! While you are at it, corrupt some elders too.Ethics and Society.

STUDY. PLAY. Ethics. is the philosophical study of morality. The Preeminence of Reason (The importance of reason) Moral philosophy enables productive discourse. What is the relationship between religion and morality (beliefs about right and wrong)?

As such, the importance of moral education is likely more important to the educator than to the educated, as the moral lessons perpetuate the culture of the educators.

k Views · View Upvoters Yeshua Ben-Ami, Double Majoring in Mathematics & Philosophy. The Importance of Moral Values in Human Life (A Look at the Philosophy of Hannah Arendt) Mine Balliu PhD Candidate Department of Philosophy University of Tirana, Tirana Albania Abstract With developments happened during the 19th century Arendt sees the .

However, ethics does not develop itself without moral philosophy, sociology, psychology. Ethics primarily exists in interaction of individual and society.

The importance of moral philosophy in society

In another word, there is a relationship between sociology and ethics. Ethics are important in a society because they grant the members some expectation of consistency and predictability in behavior/action.

The importance of moral philosophy in society

Much in the way laws do. Legislating or mandating all behavior is impossible, so we invent ethical and moral norms to cover the grey areas. C. Larmore / Journal of Moral Philosophy () DOI /X 3 society is possible only through the establishment of authoritative rules, binding on all .

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