The life and work of bertolt brecht a german playwright

He drifted towards the literary arts at an early age, writing poetry as a boy and even had a few poems published in He was an indifferent student, however, and was very nearly expelled from Augsburg Grammar School for taking a dismissive, anti-patriotic tone when given an assignment to write an essay with the title "It is a sweet and honourable thing to die for one's country.

The life and work of bertolt brecht a german playwright

Bertolt Brecht — a brief background quote Art is not a mirror with which to reflect reality but a hammer with which to shape it.

The life and work of bertolt brecht a german playwright

After serving as a medical orderly in the First World War and appalled by the effects of the war, he went first to Munich and then to Berlin in pursuit of a career in the theatre. That period of his life came to an end in when the Nazis came to power in Germany.

Brecht fled and during this period the Nazis formally removed his citizenship, so he was a stateless citizen. Bertolt Brecht, Credit: Ostensibly against communismthis committee also targeted intellectuals. By the time of his death inBrecht had established the Berliner Ensemble and was regarded as one of the greatest theatrical practitioners.

As an artist, Brecht was influenced by a diverse range of writers and practitioners including Chinese theatre and Karl Marx. The turmoil of the times through which Brecht lived gave him a strong political voice.

The opposition he faced is testament to the fact that he had the courage to express his personal voice in the world of the theatre. He also had an original and inspired talent to bring out a dynamic theatrical style to express his views. His most acclaimed work is Mother Courage and Her Children.

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A biography of German dramatist Bertolt Brecht.

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one of the most prominent figures in the 20th-century theatre, Bertolt Brecht (Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht) was . German playwright, Bertolt Brecht's ideas are very influential. He wanted to make the audience think, and used a range of devices to remind them that they were watching theatre and not real life.

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